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Accountancy Advisory Services
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· Accountancy carried out in our office.

· Accounting of business transactions based on submitted documentation.

· Tax returns based on accountancy data.

· Balance sheets, accountancy reports and other reports.

· Official books of accounts to be executed in the Register of Companies.

· Corporate Annual Financial Statements.

· Pay slips, pay-offs and discharges.

· Drawing up and submitting of social security fees.

· Registration with Social Security, employee registration and withdrawal.

· Execution and arrangement of labour contracts and renewals.

· Submitting of Retentions tax forms 111 and 190.

· Annual certifications of employee earnings and tax withholdings.

· Fair, unfair, void and disciplinary dismissals.

· End of labour contract.

· Infringements and penalties of the Legal Labour disciplinary system.

· Contract writing and negotiation of them.

· Debt claims.

· Creation and Registration of companies.

· Property sale and purchase in Spain.

· Application of Opening Licenses and setting up businesses.

· Application of building permits and security returns.

· Application of 2nd Habitation Certificates and Occupancy permits.

· Filing of civil, criminal and family actions.

Handling of NIE aplications, Certificates and authorisations of residence in Spain and their renewals.

Submitting of tax returns for non-residents and Declaration of assets abroad for residents in Spain.

Property sale and purchase in Spain.

Fiscal Representation.

Inheritance and Donation Tax.

Preparations of Wills and Powers of Attorney.

Official sworn Translations.








Tax Advisory Services

Preparation and submitting of all of your tax returns such as VAT, INCOME TAX, ANNUAL Corporate Taxes, etc. for natural and legal persons, whether they reside in Spanish territory or not.

Advice and representation in tax proceedings.

Appeals and claims.





Gestiones MaJoNa is a professional office founded in 2004 by Labor Law and Legal Adviser María José Navarro Juárez, located in southern Alicante, which offers advisory services to natural and legal persons, and to citizens of countries that are members of the EU as well as other countries, who may or may not reside in Spain, in a close and professional way.


Since our beginnings we have always tried to assess all of our clients in a transparent and efficient way by constantly taking into account their needs.


Through our wide group of collaborators and specialized, qualified professionals we offer you a customized service and a detailed analysis on any tax, labour, and legal matter.


We stand out due to the quality and customization of our services, our experienced professionals, and the transparency and effectiveness of our arrangements.


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